"Empowering Women to Thrive: Your Guide to Healthier Living"

"Empowering Women to Thrive: Your Guide to Healthier Living"

Hot Chocolate/Clementines Recipes


Chocolate dunked clementines are a delicious and easy-to-make treat that combines the sweet tanginess of clementines with the rich, creamy taste of chocolate. To make this decadent dessert, simply melt some dark chocolate in a double boiler or microwave and then dip your clementines in the chocolate.

Step 1:
Line an enormous baking sheet with material paper.

Step 2:
Melt the chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl on high power in 20-second additions until softened and smooth, around 1 minute.

Step 3:
Dunk half of every clementine portion into the chocolate, shaking off any overabundance, and move to the pre-arranged baking sheet.

Step 4:
Sprinkle with a spot of salt, cayenne, and cinnamon, then refrigerate until the chocolate solidifies, around 10 minutes.

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